My family history has been linked to craftsmanship and baking for 4 generations. An anecdote that we always like to tell is about how during the filming of “La Ciociara” by Vittorio De Sica, all the bread and cakes were made by my grandfather Salvatore.
There are some scenes in the film where children eat dark bread. Why dark? Because my grandfather began making bread flavoured with cocoa so that the children would eat it greedily. The film was set during wartime and they needed to underline that people were hungry.

I grew up surrounded by the smells and flavours of the past, when the simple things were the best and this is what led to my passion for the art of baking.
This is a culture of feelings that I've carried with me down through the years and it's a huge satisfaction to find it every day in my confectionery creations.
DiCristian is my bakery, where tradition meets innovation, creating a perfect union.