Always fragrant… as if it were freshly baked.

Thanks to the sealed jar cooking process and the recipe, Babà retains all its organoleptic characteristics and its taste, without use of preservatives and up to 10 months at room temperature.


Our Babàs are made by hand using the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients such as fresh eggs, flour and butter. Once kneaded, the Babà is left to rise, then inserted into the tin and subjected to a second leavening, for a total leavening of 36 hours. Finally the Babà is moistened and cooked.

How to serve it

Each dessert must have a good flavour and be looking good. The Babà, allows to serve 6/8 people, it should be cut preferably in horizontal slices and served without the addition of Rum or wet.

Sealed jar cooking

The Neapolitan Babà, like any other kind of dessert, does not enjoy a long life: once moistened it should be consumed within a few hours, so as not to lose its fragrance and in order to fully enjoy its properties. However, thanks to this cooking method the cake maintains its freshness for a period of about six months at room temperature, preserving all its softness and its aroma without using any preservatives.


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